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You will need your Social Security Number and your password will be your four digit month and date of birth. Be sure to review the information on your funds prior to making your investment selections.
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Automatic Enrollment

Newly hired associates will be automatically enrolled in the HRSP at a 4% pre-tax contribution rate effective with your date of hire. The 4% pre-tax contribution will be deducted from your first paycheck. You may change your contribution rate at any time. If you are automatically enrolled in the HRSP and do not make investment elections, your contributions will be invested in a Schwab Managed Retirement Trust Fund™ based on your date of birth and estimated retirement date, as determined by the HRSP.

If you do not wish to be enrolled and the automatic enrollment contributions are deducted from your check, you may request a refund. This one-time refund must be requested within 90 days after automatic enrollment contributions are first deducted from your pay. To request a refund and elect 0% contribution rate, call Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc. ("Schwab") at 1-800-724-7526 (en Español 1-877-905-2553). Upon receipt of your request, there will be a 30-day waiting period before the refund check is issued. This waiting period is to ensure that all of your 401(k) contributions are included in the one-time refund.

If you request a refund, you will lose all of the Company Matching contributions that were made on your pre-tax contributions. The amount of your refund will be adjusted for any investment gain or loss on your pre-tax contributions. Your refund will be subject to federal income tax; however, the additional 10% penalty tax that normally applies to early withdrawals will not apply. Remember, you can always re-enroll and contribute to the HRSP at any time.

Automatic Savings Increase

The Humana Retirement Savings Plan includes an automatic savings increase feature. Each January, beginning the second January following the year you were automatically enrolled, your contributions will be automatically increased by 1%, to a maximum of 10% contributions. If you do not want your savings to automatically increase, you must select a new contribution rate or opt out of the automatic savings increase during the specified period toward the end of each year. If you do not want the Auto Savings Increase to apply, but you fail to make an election during the specified change period, these contributions cannot be refunded. However, you can change your contribution percentage at any time.

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