Humana Retirement Savings Plan
Your Future Starts Now.

It's never too early to start thinking about your future - and that's why Humana offers a retirement plan to help you save now. The Humana Retirement Savings Plan (HRSP) makes it easy to set aside dollars for your retirement. When you begin saving with the HRSP, you'll help prepare for your financial future with the added benefit of company matching contributions.

Humana's company match¹ consists of 125% on the first 6% of your eligible contributions (that's $1.25 for every dollar you contribute). We strongly encourage you to contribute at least 6% of pay in order to receive the full company match, but don't just stop there! Consider maximizing your contribution up to the annual limit (visit for details).

This online education guide will help you make the most of the company match, savings options, and features your Humana Retirement Savings Plan has to offer. Use this guide to get ideas on:

  • Setting your retirement goals
  • Maximizing your savings potential
  • Choosing your investments

We encourage you to use this guide as you build your financial plan, reevaluate it, or re-create it to fit the future of your dreams.

¹The employer contribution is paid on a pre-tax basis and may be taxable at withdrawal.

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